Post Licensing

Broker Relationships & Responsibilities (30 hours)
This course covers all of the ins and outs of the relationships you'll have with buyers and sellers, and your responsibilities within those relationships. We'll detail agency relationships and duties, brokers' legal responsibilities to sellers and buyers, compensation when leaving or changing firms, and license status and education issues.

Contracts & Closings (30 hours)
Our Contracts & Closing course discusses all of the details associated with real estate contracts, closing procedures and statements, the broker's post-closing duties, agency relationship termination, and license status and education issues.

Selected Topics (30 hours)
The Selected Topics course covers a variety of subject matter of interest and value to North Carolina real estate brokers. Topics include commercial real estate brokerage, residential property management basics, land use controls, loan fraud, license law issues and case studies, fair housing, legal requirements for establishing a brokerage firm, manufactured and modular homes, and the handling of foreclosed property sales.

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*The North Carolina Real Estate Manual (2015-2016 Edition) is the intended text for the mandatory real estate broker post licensing courses and may be purchased here.

October 7, 2018 
      Broker Relationships & Responsibilities SOLD OUT
November 5, 2018
   Contracts & Closings  SOLD OUT
November 26, 2018
   Selected Topics   SOLD OUT
January 6, 2019        Contracts & Closings SOLD OUT
February 4, 2019        Broker Relationships & Responsibilities SOLD OUT
March 4, 2019        Contracts & Closings SOLD OUT
April 1, 2019        NC Law, Rules & Legal Concepts LIMITED SEATING