General Update Course

This year's new General Update Course (#9918) is only $49 if purchased on-line, $59 in person at the door, and it was written by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The class focuses on Licensing & education review, Radon, Selected Topics in Property Management, Law & Rule Updates, and Protecting Consumer Confidential Information. To maintain an active license, a licensee must take 8 hours of continuing education each year. Provisional Brokers and non-BIC Brokers must take the General Update Course and one commission approved elective by June 10, 2018. BIC's and BIC-Eligible Brokers should take the BICUP course and one commission approved elective. Home Coach School will not be able to offer a refund or apply credit to another course for any BIC or BIC-Eligible Brokers who mistakenly purchase this course.

If you are attempting to register for a course and unable to do so it is because that specific date & time slot is SOLD OUT and you will need to choose another class period. Sorry for any inconvenience.