General Update Course

This year's new General Update Course (#9918) is only $49 if purchased on-line, $59 in person at the door, and it was written by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The class focuses on Licensing & education review, Radon, Selected Topics in Property Management, Law & Rule Updates, and Protecting Consumer Confidential Information. To maintain an active license, a licensee must take 8 hours of continuing education each year. Provisional Brokers and non-BIC Brokers must take the General Update Course and one commission approved elective by June 10, 2018. BIC's and BIC-Eligible Brokers should take the BICUP course and one commission approved elective. Home Coach School will not be able to offer a refund or apply credit to another course for any BIC or BIC-Eligible Brokers who mistakenly purchase this course.

If you are attempting to register for a course and unable to do so it is because that specific date & time slot is SOLD OUT and you will need to choose another class period. Sorry for any inconvenience.

December 8, 2018  SOLD OUT
January  15, 2019  SOLD OUT
February  2, 2019  SOLD OUT
February  6, 2019  SOLD OUT
March       2, 2019  SOLD OUT
March       6, 2019  SOLD OUT
March     25, 2019  SOLD OUT
April         1, 2019  SOLD OUT
April         3, 2019  SOLD OUT
April        10, 2019  SOLD OUT
April        13, 2019  SOLD OUT
April        29, 2019  SOLD OUT
May           4, 2019  SOLD OUT
May           8, 2019  SOLD OUT
May           15, 2019  SOLD OUT
May           21, 2019  SOLD OUT
June            1, 2019  SOLD OUT
June            5, 2019  SOLD OUT