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Steve is a real estate instructor in Raleigh for pre-licensing, post licensing and continuing education. He taught for J.Y. Monk and HPW schools before opening Home Coach Real Estate School. Steve is an innovative professional with over 20 years of progressive experience within the real estate industry; with expertise in the residential & commercial sales, construction and financing aspects of the industry. Steve has also been a corporate real estate trainer and productivity coach for 100's of agents.

Steve and the Home Coach staff of tutors and instructors tailor their lessons based on your unique needs. They not only clearly explains the subject matter, but also encourages, coaches, challenges, and provides timely feedback to his students. Steve will help you overcome obstacles and gain the self-confidence needed to succeed in real estate.

You will NOT find another tutoring service that offers the same quality, convenience, personal attention, flexibility, or valuable resources.

For $99 you may purchase The North Carolina Real Estate AMP Exam Prep QBank which gives students the power to simulate nearly every test environment imaginable, from full–length licensing exams to single–topic mini–exams. This valuable study tool allows your students to create exactly the test they need to improve their scores. The QBank contains hundreds of questions on national and North Carolina–specific topics

One-On-One Tutoring
Steve Henion, School Director $90/hour
Karen Johnson, Licensed Instructor $75/hour
Felix Eleazer, Licensed Instructor $75/hour
Colleen Henion, Tutor $60/hour
Mellissa Reynolds, Tutor $60/hour

Small Group Tutoring (2-3 ppl) $110 (Tutor), $130 (Instructor), $150 (Director)/hour/group
Large Group Tutoring (4-9 ppl) $200 (Tutor), $250 (Instructor), $280 (Director)/hour/group

There is a three hour minimum paid in full with additional increments of one hour available for purchase

Email our school Director Steve to arrange your next Tutoring Session at Coach Steve