General Update Course





Meets: ????
Instructor: Henion
Cost $49 (4 hour course)

Maximum seating: 24

Event Description:
This year’s new required General Update Course (#9920) is only $49 if purchased on-line, $59 in person at the door, and it was written by the NC Real Estate Commission. We will discuss Competence of Licensees, Material Facts, Home Inspections, Wire Fraud, Law & Rule Updates, Licensing & Education.

If you are attempting to register for a course and unable to do so it is because that specific date & time slot is SOLD OUT and you will need to choose another class period. Sorry for any inconvenience.

*In the spirit of good stewardship of the environment we will email you prior to the class a PDF version of the Student Manual and accompanying documents. We encourage you to bring to class an electronic device capable of viewing these through our high-speed Internet access.
If you prefer not to use a device and would rather have a paper copy we will also have those available.
School Address: 8480 Honeycutt Road, Suite 200 Raleigh NC 27615