Getting Your Business Started




Beginning a new real estate agent career is exciting but remember, it’s a business. And because it is a business you need a real estate agent business plan. The decisions you make early on can make the difference between success and failure. Home Coach can help you with the very first things to do. To help you determine if you will you be a sole proprietor or a corporation. Determine costs, budgets, marketing, sphere of influence, and business operations.

Don’t let your excitement and enthusiasm for getting your first client keep you from making those very first business owner decisions. Let Home Coach help you get off on the right track. Call us today to get started.

Coaching can be scheduled in our office or under your supervision in your home.


One-On-One Coaching 
Steve Henion, School Director $75/hour

There is an initial three hour minimum paid in full with additional increments of one hour available for purchase below

Email Steve to arrange your next Tutoring Session at Coach Steve