North Carolina Real Estate Broker
Post Licensing Education Program

You must complete all three (3) Post Licensing courses within eighteen (18) months of receiving your Provisional Broker license or your license will become inactive. (these classes can be taken in any order)

Required Courses

Broker Relationships and Responsibilities (Post 301)

This 30-hour, online course covers all of the ins and outs of the relationships you’ll have with buyers and sellers and your responsibilities within those relationships. It covers agency relationships and duties, brokers’ legal responsibilities to sellers and buyers, compensation when leaving or changing firms, and license status and education issues.


Contracts and Closing (Post 302)

This 30-hour, online course is designed to satisfy your contracts and closing post-licensing requirement in North Carolina. This course discusses all of the details associated with real estate contracts, closing procedures and statements, the broker’s post-closing duties, agency relationship termination, and license status and education issues.


NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts (Post 303)

This 30-hour, online course is designed to satisfy your laws, rules, and legal concepts post-licensing requirement in North Carolina. You will learn about general North Carolina licensing requirements, brokerage compensation issues, the disciplinary process, specialized types of real estate, property management in NC, and miscellaneous NC laws and legal concepts.

(these classes can be taken in any order)


3 Course Bundle Pricing $379


ONLINE STUDENTS: What to do once we have verified that you have completed all required coursework and are ready to take your first attempt at the final exam for the course:

Kaplan proctoring services will provide virtual proctoring over the internet for you to take your final exam according to North Carolina state requirements. Please follow your course completion instructions (example below):

Please be aware that you must have access to the internet, a webcam, and a microphone prior to scheduling your exam (mobile devices cannot be used).  It is also recommended that you use Google Chrome for the best experience in the virtual proctoring classroom.

Once you have verified that your system is capable of running the virtual proctoring environment you can go here to schedule your exam or call Kaplan Customer Support for help 888.213.5124.

Please have the information available for Kaplan Customer Support at the time of your call:

  • Home Coach Real Estate School

  • Your Name

  • Your Email

  • Course Name


IMPORTANT: You must use this PROMO CODE with Kaplan when scheduling your first exam attempt.  You will not be able to schedule your exam without it.

Contact Dearborn Customer Support at 800-972-2220.


*IMPORTANT* in order for a student to receive FREE class exams a student will need to enter a promo code of COACHONE for the 1st exam. If a student fails the first exam there is the opportunity for one retake exam and the promo code for that is COACHTWO.

Ensure you complete your coursework with a minimum of two (2) weeks remaining before the class expires in order to schedule the end-of-course proctored exam. You may experience longer wait periods during holidays.

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