NC Law, Rules & Legal Concepts

Course Syllabus
2A12-T – Owner’s Association Addendum
401 – Exclusive Property Management Agreement
402 – Exclusive Property Management Agreement (Vacation Rental Property)
403 – Agreement to Amend Exclusive Property Management Agreement
405-T – Exclusive Right to Lease
410-T – Residential Rental Contract
411-T – Vacation Rental Agreement
426-T – Early Termination of Residential Rental Contract
442-T – Pet Addendum
443-T – Assistance Animal Addendum
445-T – Guaranty Addendum
523 – Commercial Brokerage Cooperation Agreement
580-T – Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Real Property
590 – Property Management Agreement
592-T – Commercial Lease Agreement (Single Tenant Facility)
593-T – Commercial Lease Agreement (Multi-Tenant Facility)
Commercial Broker Lien Act
Complaint for Summary Ejectment
Husband and Wife Transactions
Judgement in Action for Summary Ejection
Magistrate Summons
Tenancy by Entirety Article 2
Tenancy by the Entirety in North Carolina
2008-2009 Update Material Facts
2017-18 BICUP Section 6 BIC Reminders
Application for Real Estate Firm License
Consumer Guide to Homeowners Insurance
Request for BIC Eligible Status and or Broker In Charge Designation
NC Real Estate License Law
NC Real Estate Commission Rules
Mineral & Oil Gas Rights DIsclosure Statement
Residential Property & Owners’ Assoc Disclosure Statement



Time Shares
Registering an Assumed Name
Real Estate Licensing Requirements
How to Renew Your License
Activation & Affirmation Form 2.08
Trust Account Reconciliation