North Carolina Real Estate Broker
Pre Licensing Education Program

Get on the Professional Track to real estate success with our NC Real Estate Commission approved self paced course package that covers everything a prospective agent in North Carolina needs for both prelicensing education and exam preparation. The package includes the North Carolina 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course and the Complete North Carolina Real Estate Drill a Practice QBank and the end of course exam.

The North Carolina 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course is designed to satisfy the prelicensing education requirement in North Carolina. From the principles of real estate law to fair housing, this interactive online course prepares you for a successful career in real estate. Key topics are reinforced through interactive exercises, videos, quizzes, end-of-unit exams, and a comprehensive practice exam. The course includes the latest North Carolina information along with the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

The Complete North Carolina Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank gives you the practice needed to pass the North Carolina and national portions of the PSI Real Estate exam. You have access to thousands of current and accurate questions designed to mimic the exam. You will be able to pinpoint problem areas, create custom quizzes, and focus on the topics you need to study the most. BONUS! It follows Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina and North Carolina 75-Hour Broker Prelicensing Course unit-by-unit, making this a convenient companion product for additional classroom study or for independent study for the prelicensing course.

Benefits of our Course:
  • You are not bound to the constraints of attending specific hours of attendance. 
  • Advance through the course at your pace dedicating time to the topics you need the most time with.
  • We have the state’s best tutoring instructors available to help according to your schedule.
  • Take up to 6 months to complete

Your Course Tuition of $340 Includes:

  • North Carolina 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course  
  • Complete North Carolina Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank
  • Custom Study Material
  • End of Course Examination
You may choose either a print or online textbook for $79
  • Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina (hard copy)
  • Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina eBook  
We also have optional instructional aids:
  • National Interactive Study Group 
  • Real Estate Study Package (Reference, MP3 and Flashcard Package)
  • Real Estate Math Video Library 
  • Home Coach Tutors 
There are several steps necessary to receive a NC Real Estate License. After completing our 75-hour Broker Pre-Licensing course, you must then pass the North Carolina Real Estate Examination.
  • Be at least 18 years age
  • Be a United States citizen, a non-citizen national or a qualified alien under federal law, or have a lawful presence in the U.S. and be authorized to work in the U.S. in the real estate brokerage field
  • Have a Social Security Number
  • Complete a Background Check


There are currently two available methods to take the state exam, virtually or in person.

To register for either type of exam students will go to if you require assistance in registration you may call 855.579.4638

When considering the “virtual” test option please consider you will be required to complete a government issued ID verification and room scan. Once you begin the exam you will not be able to:

  1. Leave the room at any point during the exam. This includes food, water or bathroom breaks.
  2. You must have access to reliable internet and power. If disconnected you may not be allowed back to continue the exam.

For more information please reference the Real Estate Licensing in NC Booklet in our Student Resources tab.


*IMPORTANT* in order for a student to receive FREE class exams a student will need to enter a promo code of COACHONE for the 1st exam. If a student fails the first exam there is the opportunity for one retake exam and the promo code for that is COACHTWO.

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