Student Resources

Post Licensing

Contracts & Closings
Syllabus CC_Feb 2018.pdf
12-T - Offer To Purchase and Contract - Vacant Lot-Land SAMPLE.pdf
12G Guidelines to 12T OTPK Vacant Lot & land.pdf
2-T - Offer to Purchase and Contract SAMPLE.pdf
2A1-T - Back Up Contract Addendum Final SAMPLE.pdf
2A11-T - Additional Provisions Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A12-T - Owner's Association Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A13-T - Vacation Rental Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A14-T-Short Sale Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A2-T - Contingent Sale Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A3-T - New Construction Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A4-T - FHA VA Financing Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A5-T - Seller Financing Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2A6-T - Loan Assumption Addendum.pdf
2A7-T - Buyer Possession Before Closing Agreement.pdf
2A8-T - Seller Possession After Closing Agreement.pdf
2A9-T - Lead-Based Paint or Lead-Based Paint Hazard Addendum SAMPLE.pdf
2G Guidelines to 2T OTPK.pdf
2-T - Offer to Purchase and Contract SAMPLE.pdf
3G Guidelines to 3T Additional Signatures Addendum.pdf
3-T Additional Signatures Addendum.pdf
310-T - Due Diligence Request and Agreement.pdf
310G Guidelines to 310T Dud Diligence Request & Agreement.pdf
340-T - Response to Buyer's Offer.pdf
355-T Notice to Buyer to Deliver Funds.pdf
3G Guidelines to 3T Additional Signatures Addendum.pdf
4-T - Agreement to Amend Contract
780 - Wire Fraud Addendum to Agency Agreement SAMPLE.pdf
800-T - Offer to Purchase and Contract-New Construction
800G Guidelines to 800T OTPK New Construction.pdf

Broker Relationships & Responsibilities
Syllabus BRR Feb 2018.pdf
101 - Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement SAMPLE.pdf
101G Guide to Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement.pdf
103 Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement - Vacant Lot & Land.pdf
103G- Guide to Exc. Right to Sell Listing Agreement - Vacant Lot & Land.pdf
104- Short Sale Addendum to Listing Agreement.pdf
105- Internet Advertising Addendum to Listing Agreement.pdf
110 Seller Estimated Net Sheet.pdf
150 Unrepresented Seller Disclosure & Fee Agreement.pdf
201 Excl Buyer Agency.pdf
203 - Non-Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement SAMPLE.pdf
201G Guidelines to Buyer Agency Agreement.pdf

Selected Topics
Syllabus ST Feb 2018.pdf
401 Property Management Agreement.pdf
410-T Residential Rental Contract.pdf
435T Waiver of Rights Relating to Rental Contract.pdf
436T Military Status Addendum.pdf
443-T - Assistance Animal Addendum SAMPLE (1).pdf
560 (Commercial) Compliance Addendum.pdf
580-T- Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Real Property SAMPLE.pdf
592-T- Commercial Lease Agreement (Single Tenant Facility) SAMPLE.pdf
593-T- Commercial Lease Agreement (Multi-Tenant Facility) SAMPLE.pdf
MOG Disclosure_rec422.pdf
Seller Estimated Net Sheet.pdf